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We are a Wiki that is administrated by The Alliance Intelligence Agency (AIA), all information on this Wiki has been sourced out, provided and given by our Scientists, Researchers, Historians, AIs and members of the AIA. Please use our navigation bar to get around the Wiki to found out information on current events of the war, factions, dimensions, species, vehicles and more. - May the Force be with you all.



Naming the Wiki

the Wiki was originated named - The Legends of Amor Aeternus however, this was later changed due to the now new concepts of Universal Canon and Universal Legends. So to not confuse it, The Marshal of The Alliance of Resistances, ordered it to be changed to The End Times Wiki, the name stems with the fact how the current war - The Great Adultosomian War aka The Second Galactic War will be the War to End all Wars. The last war, therefore it is hypothisied that this war will likely lead to the destruction of this Universe but it's unknown, the name is also associated with Marshal Dean Hampson's eventual "Downfall" on The 8th June 2020, which is probably why he named it "The End Times" because he is nearing his End and his eventual Downfall.

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